Andean Plyer

Love the no-waste technique of Andean plying?

I do, but the traditional winding method has it's drawbacks--you can't stop once you start, and it's really hard to wind loose enough to keep from cutting off your circulation. That's why my Dad and I have come up with the Andean Plyer. Simple and portable, now plying is easy to do whenever, and wherever, I want :-)

Original Plyer (Plain)

A Plain Plyer in use.

Each Andean Plyer is individually handmade to be lightweight yet durable. Two coats of urethane allow you to mist your singles which will temporarily set the twist for more trouble-free plying. The screw assembly on the handle provides an easy and adjustable way to securely hold the yarn ends. The Plyer eliminates sore, cramped fingers and is easily set aside for work on the go. Click here for pricing information.

New Plyer Designs!

Plyers now come in 2 new designs--one with stripes and one with a curve. Both designs are made of laminated pine & red oak. Click here for pricing information.

Plyer Designs - The Curve design is currently sold out, sorry.

Junior Plyer for kids

By special request the Andean Plyer is now available in a Junior model that makes smaller yarn bracelets for small hands. The picture below shows the Junior Plyer (on left) compared to the regular model. Click here for pricing information.

Junior Plyer on left, Plain Plyer on right

Plyer Pricing
Each plyer comes with complete instructions with pictures.

Plyer Designs ~ Stripes  ~ $21.95 
(Curve designs are currently sold out)

Plain Plyer ~ Sorry Sold Out

Junior Plyer ~ $17.95

All prices are in USD and do not include shipping.
Please email with ordering information
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